Commercial Alliance with Loginter of El Salvador

Recently Murchison (Uruguay) S.A. has signed a business alliance with the company Loginter of El Salvador. This company focuses on logistics tasks throughout Central America.

This is a business group, that through vertical integration of services, seeks to offer customers solutions throughout the supply chain.

The company has an important infrastructure, suitable for developing all types of operations related to international logistics. They have their own trucks for international transport of goods, warehouses in San Marcos, Free Trade Zone and International Free Trade Zone, as well as bonded warehouses.

Customers that send their goods via El Salvador can maintain stock whatever the ultimate destination of these. They have access to their stocks through a remote connection, being able to perform tasks online, view their inventory, print reports, etc.

In order to introduce our new business partner, we hosted a working lunch with customers we believe may be interested in this new project.

This instance was very interesting because it led to all kinds of queries that allowed them to get to know the business of Loginter and their plans in conjunction with Murchison.

We wisht to create the necessary opportunities to give always a better service to our customers.


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